EU certification has three official categories natural mineral water, spring water and bottled drinking water. Natural mineral water and spring water can only come from specifically designated groundwater sources. Both natural mineral water and spring water must originate from a designated groundwater source or deposit and be safe to drink at source, where they must be bottled directly. Natural mineral water and spring water must be safe to drink at source without treatment or disinfectant. Natural mineral water must guarantee a stable mineral composition and health benefits associated with the water as indicated on the label whereas the mineral composition of spring water may fluctuate. Natural Mineral water is deemed premium among the three categories and Otakiri Reserve 932 has this classification. This certificate is renewed annually and tests are conducted in Germany.

Otakiri Reserve 932 is produced in a Bio Gro certified manufacturing plant. Bio Gro has a robust and through certification process which has three steps. The process includes an assessment of the Organic Management Plan by certification staff, on site audit by a Bio Gro auditor and an independent certification decision made by certification staff. Bio Gro carry out audits annually but also do spot checks up to five times per year without any pre warning to ensure Organic management plan is been successfully performed.Bio Gro standards meet the highest international standards. Bio Gro is audited quarterly by worldwide bodies to ensure they are meeting international standards. Although time consuming it is absolutely essential that Otakiri Reserve 932 deliver a product which is authentic and meet’s all consumer expectations.

Halal in Arabic means lawful or permitted. Factually Halal certification gives the consumer a 100% guarantee that the product is a natural product in its natural form. In countries including New Zealand, with less stringent laws on food and beverage production Halal certification is even more important. Processing aids are not listed on labels and lubricants such as oils are used during production. Oils can be vegetable, animal or synthetic and are invariably not Halal. To be confident in what you are drinking always choose Halal certified products – Otakiri Reserve 932.

Kosher certified water means the water is proper and ritually pure. The Kosher certification follows Jewish dietary laws that include, aliment, alimentation, nourishment, nutrient and nutrition. It also ensures that the processing plant has been inspected to ensure that nothing non- pure has been used in the production of Otakiri Reserve 932. Kosher, to the consumer is associated with high quality and purity.