So what is all the fuss about water ?
Water comprises between 50% and 60% of the human body. The exact proportion varies according to factors such as gender, age and physical condition.  Water forms about 70% of muscle and 90% of the brain but only 10% of fat, so leaner people have a higher water percentage of body weight.  This essential liquid transports nutrients and gases through the body and enables cellular reactions to take place.  It hydrates our largest organ - the skin.  It lubricates joints and cushions organs.  It also stabilises body temperature during exercise and environmental heat variations  Water is so essential to human life that you can expect to live only a few days without it.
At Otakiri, we think it’s worth giving our bodies and brains the absolute best quality water we can find.

In order to live up to its name, ‘mineral water’ must maintain a consistent level and balance of measurable minerals. These same minerals must go, unadulterated, into a bottle for drinking.  In almost 30 years of testing at Otakiri’s source 932, the mineral composition has remained unchanged. Each of these minerals has health and beauty benefits. Of course, they also enhance the taste of the water.
Otakiri contains the optimal combination of minerals for both taste and health.

Silica 73mg/l
Silica assists with repairing tissue by acting as an antioxidant.  It is a building block of hair and nails, giving them strength.  It reduces the risk of heart disease and may assist with combating osteoporosis.  Overall silica is an energising nutrient that is found in high levels in the Otakiri Aquifer.

Bicarbonate 40mg/l
Lactic acid generated by exercise is neutralised by bicarbonate dissolved in water.  It is present in all biological fluids and is essential in maintaining  bodily pH balance.

Sulphate 3.1mg/l
This is an important component of protein and also aids the liver with detoxification.  The body requires only small quantities to obtain these health benefits.

Sodium 12mg/l
This element is important in replenishing muscles after exercise. More is required by those exercising energetically.  It aids the heart to maintain regular contractions.  We require between 3 and 15 grams per day.  Most people’s diets contain satisfactory levels of sodium but it’s nice to know Otakiri has your back after a hard workout!

Potassium 3.5mg/l
Another important mineral for muscle health and vitality.  We require about 3 grams per day.  Potassium levels regulate water and nutrient movement between cells.  It also assists in cell growth and plays a large part in heart contractions.  Potassium deficiency inhibits the function of muscles in the gut and weakens skeletal muscles.

Calcium 3.1mg/l
A well-known component of bones, calcium also assists in nerve and muscle impulses.  It has a balancing effect on a large number of skin allergies and plays a part in blood clotting.  We require about 800 milligrams per day.

Magnesium 1.8mg/l
This mineral expands blood vessels, which reduces the risk of heart attack.  Deficiency may result in lack of concentration, headaches or dizziness.  It is important in bone structure, muscle contractions and nerve impulses.  No wonder we need 300 - 400 milligrams every day.

There are many reasons why Otakiri 932 water is a good choice.  It not only hydrates, but has the added benefits of minerals which enhance important functions in your body.  And it still manages to have a subtle clean taste which is great on its own or as a compliment to food.

We agree, it really is natures perfection.